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Our Services & Process

Liberty Floor Solutions provide an expansive range of industrial and domestic solid flooring services as listed below.

If you require a durable floor coating, slip resistant, hard wearing, moisture resistant or simply want something nice at home or in the garage, then get in touch as we can help.

If you are a professional then send us the spec and we are happy to tender. If you are unsure of your requirements and are commercial or domestic, give us a call and we can help point you in the right direction including a free site visit or meeting.

Commercial branding needed? no problem whatsoever we can provide a flooring solution on brand!

Whatever your situation or requirements, be it new or repairing or coating of existing floors, get in touch for expert advice and competitive pricing. Call us or complete the form and we’ll be in touch.

When you appoint Liberty floor solutions, you can relax knowing you have a single point of contact and responsibility

To ensure you have exactly what you need we will begin with a site inspection and survey, and will then provide you with a complete schedule of works including preparation and delivery ensuring minimum disruption.

Preparation is everything this is the stage many inexperienced companies fail at or cut corners. Inadequate preparation is the main cause of failure. Rest assured we are meticulous in our preparation thus ensuring a 100% satisfactory result.

It is so easy to damage a floor surface by use of the incorrect cleaning regime. As part of our work, we will ensure you have clear instructions on how to prolong the life of your floor.

In the age of liability, provenance and documentation is king. Our final task is to ensure you have all the relevant documentation to cover health & safety, legal documents and safety data sheets.

Commercial & Domestic

We are as comfortable with a domestic garage floor as we are an airport lounge, size doesn’t matter to us. We pride ourselves on flexibility

Traditional screeds

Put simply it is sand cement and water mixed anywhere between 3to5 sand to 1 cement. It is reinforced with Mesh or Polypropylene fibres.

Fast Setting Screeds

This is essential when downtime is of the essence, in fact, light foot traffic in as little as 6 hours, floor coverings after 24!

Leveling Screeds

This is perfect for the final finish to make the area ready to receive the final flooring. It has no structural performance of the floor.

Underfloor Heating

This is becoming more and more popular for both commercial and domestic situations due to the ability of the slab to hold the heat.

Anhydrite Screed

Very popular as they can be pumped, are lower cost, fast drying and offer minimal shrinkage, suitable for underfloor heating

Liquid screeds

As it says on the tin these are screeds in liquid form which will result in them being perfect for self-levelling as they can be pumped.

Resin Floors

Be it commercial or domestic resin floors are en vogue. they are seamless, warm and soft to the touch, yet also hard wearing.

Resin Drives

So much easier than traditional driveways they come in many different shapes and sizes and are perfect kerb appeal at home.

Polyurethane Floors/Screeds

A heavy duty antibacterial polyurethane resin floor screed system that satisfies the most demanding of hygiene requirements

Thermoplastic works

We are able to provide the full range of services using thermoplastic materials no matter how complex your requirements.

Floor Drainage

We are happy to tender for all floor drainage works be it new build or replacement – Upgrading of existing drainage.

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin Floor Coating is a tough high build epoxy coating that can be used on walls and floor situations for the perfect finish.

Floor Repairs

NEVER replace a floor without calling in the experts to discover if it is salvageable, the difference in cost and downtime is incomparable.

Shot Blasting

Although many refer to it as sandblasting, it is the same thing, what it does is clean surfaces under high pressure without chemicals.

Floor Preparation

Floor prep covers a variety of services that include washing, grinding, planing, stripping, and shot blasting depending on need.

Diamond Grinding

Old floors to new (well almost) with our diamond grinding services we can remove the roughness and return to smoothness.

Concrete Polishing

Delivering beautiful hard wearing polished concrete surfaces via a series of steps that leave you with a one-off gleaming flooring pattern.

Why Choose Us?

We got the tools

Built up over time we have the tools to tackle almost anything, and what we don’t have, we get

Certified Experience

Time served qualified insured craftsmen with so many years of specialist flooring experience

Competitive Pricing

Our customers have told us not only are we VERY competitive but they believed we offered the best value for money.

Lifetime Guarantee

When we do a job, we will tell you how long it should last, and, if it doesn’t then you just call us to put it right.

50 Years Experience

50 years is an understatement between us we have far more than that, a lifetime of experience there for you.

Great Support

When you deal with us, you get the directors mobile numbers, we offer a TRUE personal service.

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